Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The All-Star Home Run Derby stirs-up mixed emotions among baseball fans - either you dig it - or you don't...the HBWHOF digs it.
I'm sure most of you tuned-in, but I'm breakin' it down anyway.
The first thing you need to know: the American League is gonna CRUSH the National League when it comes to long ball.
Your Derby participants: American League - Jose Bautista (Toronto Blue Jays), Mark Trumbo (Los Angeles Angels), Prince Fielder (Detroit Tigers) and Robinson Cano (New York Yankees)
National League - Carlos Beltran (St. Louis Cardinals), Carlos Gonzalez (Colorado Rockies), Andrew McCutchen (Pittsburgh Pirates) and Matt Kemp (Los Angeles Dodgers)
Here are your highlights: JoeyBats won Round 1, slammin' 11 homers. Beltran and Trumbo each hit 7 dingers. Trumbo landed one off the roof of the Royals' Hall of Fame way out in left field. Prince hit 5, most of which landed in the fountains of Kauffman Stadium. Gonzalez and McCutchen each hit 4. The two captains were WEAK. Kemp hit one and Cano came-up with a goose egg.
Cano was booed incessantly by the Kansas City crowd. Evidently, their reasoning was that Cano had purposefully excluded KC's Billy Butler when he hand-picked the AL team.
Hey, I hate the Yankees as much as the next guy, but I found this very douchebaggy.

Round 2 was the Prince Fielder Show. Fielder teed-off for 11 'taters - all of them of the long variety. The longest was measured at 476 feet. The AL sluggers ditched the lone NL participant, Beltran, and there was a slug-off between Bautista and Trumbo. JoeyBats came out on top.

Round 3 was Prince's crowning glory. Fielder smacked 12 homers to Bautista's 7.
Fielder became the HR Derby Champion with a total of 28 dingers!
Fielder is only the second multiple Derby winner. He won, previously, in St. Louis in 2009.
One of my all-time faves, Ken Griffey Jr. has 3 titles - 1994 ( Pittsburgh), 1998 (Denver) and 1999 (Boston).

Prince is the first cat to win in both leagues. He won as a Brewer in 2009 and, now, as a Tiger in 2012.

While I'm talkin' All-Star Game, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Detroit Triple Crown.
Tigers prospect Nick Castellanos was named MVP of the All-Star Futures Game, Prince Fielder won the All-Star Home Run Derby and Allison was one of only 5 Fox Sports Girls from across the nation to be chosen as a representative for the All-Star Game festivities in Kansas City.

The HBWHOF is a big Allison fan.

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