Tuesday, July 3, 2012


While I was nodding-off during the 1+1/2 hour rain delay in the Tigers-Twins game I made the decision to end my procrastination.
It's been a long time since I deemed someone worthy of being inducted into the Hot Baseball Wife Hall of Fame. From the long, storied history of baseball I have only found 21 baseball wives worthy of induction. Today the HBWHOF welcomes its 22nd member.
If you're a baseball fan, you're aware that there are plenty of beautiful players' wives. It takes more than mere beauty to become a Hall of Famer. That's just one of the criteria. The bar is set high at the HBWHOF.
You have to be intelligent, witty, talented...and HOT.
C'mon, you don't get lumped-in with Marilyn Monroe and Halle Berry on just looks alone!
This next chick has the whole package.
The Hot Baseball Wife Hall of Fame is proud to induct its 22nd honoured member - Dallas Latos.
I have been diggin' the wife of Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mat Latos for quite some time.
She's beautiful.
She is the author of one of my favourite Twitter accounts: @DallasLatos
She writes an entertaining blog on the MLB Network: So I Married A Baseball Player...
She invented the devilishly clever #RedsDrinkingGame:

She's a keen observer of the game.
During recent interleague play between the Reds and Tigers, she alerted people via Twitter of Jose Valverde's alleged spitball:

Slow-Mo version...

Follow Mrs. Latos on Twitter - great stuff.
Anyway, welcome to the Hot Baseball Wife Hall of Fame - Dallas Latos...

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