Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Monday, July 14, 2014



Hi Kids!
Guess what?
It's Induction Time!
Today, the Hot Baseball Wife Hall of Fame inducts our 26th honoured member into the hallowed hall.
I am proud to announce the enshrinement of Lisalla Montenegro.
Lisalla is married to Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson.
In all the time that I've been the CEO of the HBWHOF I can honestly say that my two favourite Hot Baseball Wives are Kimmie DeJesus and, now, Lisalla.
Here's a brief bio: Lisalla Montenegro is Brazilian. She's a world-class beauty. She has modelled for the world's most prestigious designers. Strutted her stuff on catwalks around the world. Been featured in countless magazines. She's uber-intelligent. She and her husband probably love life more than any couple I've seen. And...another thing that endears her to the HBWHOF - she is the proud mommy to a handsome rescue dog named Oso Wilson.
Welcome to the Hot Baseball Wife Hall of Fame, Lisalla.