Thursday, April 26, 2012


Unbelievably, this guy is going to try a comeback...

Jeremy Bonderman had elbow-ligament replacement surgery Tuesday and, after a two year absence, has decided he wants to take another shot at the Big Leagues.
I've been at the ballpark to witness Bonderman, firsthand, several times. Everytime he was on the mound he was brutal the first 3 innings...then he'd settle down and throw a decent game. The problem was, the Tigers would be down 5-0 by the time Bonderman got into some kind of rhythm.
Jeremy Bonderman spent 8 seasons in Detroit and compiled a 67-77 record with a 4.89 ERA.
He was drafted as a junior in high school.
Good luck to Bonderman...

Bonderman is the 2nd biggest bust I can recall over the past 25 years - the other is Brien Taylor.

I remember baseball fans clamouring for this card.
Brien Taylor was selected 1st overall in the 1991 MLB draft by the Yankees.
The dude never made it to The Bigs.
On March 1, 2012 Taylor was arrested after selling a large quantity of crack cocaine to undercover narcotics agents over a period of several months.

Do you know why you shouldn't draft high school pitchers?
Because they're in high school...

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