Thursday, May 19, 2011


On Wednesday night the Red Sox beat the Tigers 1-0.
Detroit was 0-for-10 with runners in scoring position.
The guy with the longest last-name in baseball smoked an RBI double off the left-field wall in the 8th inning to score the game's only run.
Can you say Saltalamacchia?

Tonight's game is a beauty! Wish I was at Fenway.
Justin Verlander vs Josh Beckett. A battle of power arms!
Guess who's at the game? Dick McAuliffe!
Dicky played for both the Tigers and the Red Sox and was a member of the Tigers' 1968 World Series Championship team.
McAuliffe was one of the best shortstop/2nd baseman in Tigers' history.
During the 1968 championship season McAuliffe got into a great rumble with pitcher Tommy John. The Tigers were playing the White Sox when John threw at McAuliffe's head. On the next pitch, John threw behind McAuliffe! Dick got kinda pissed and charged the mound. He jumped-up and drove a knee into Tommy John's shoulder separating it...John missed the remainder of the season. The benches cleared but, with Willie Horton, Gates Brown, Earl Wilson and Bill Freehan on Detroit's side, it wasn't much of a fight! McAuliffe was suspended for 5 games.

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