Saturday, May 14, 2011


Over in the AL East we've got a three-game showdown between the Red Sox and the Yankees.
When Boston visits the Big Apple it's ALWAYS a big deal.
First let's take a gander at the New Era ads featuring Yankees fan Alec Baldwin's friendly rivalry with Red Sox fan John Krasinski...

Next up, the MLB Fan Cave on the corner of East 4th and Broadway in Greenwich Village.
Mike O’Hara and Ryan Wagner, two dudes who, obviously, have no obligations, were selected to participate in MLB's Dreamjob project.
They are getting paid to live in the Fan Cave and watch all 2,430 regular season MLB games plus the playoffs!
The HBWHOF would have sent in my application too - if I didn't have a wife & kids and a full-time job! Oh well.
Anyway this little slice of Hardball Heaven has 15 TVs, a pool table, bar, 50s diner, memorabilia museum, fantasy baseball counter, and pitch-speed tester.
...And lots of visitors. So, with Boston in town, the Large Father paid a visit...

How can you not hug the Large Father? See, Yankees fans, it's all good...

Next, we have HBWHOF fave, Heidi Watney, visiting the Fan Cave...lucky bastards...

Now for the results from Game 1 in the Big Apple.
Boston beat New York 5-4.
Adrian Gonzalez and Yoouuuuuk went YARD.
Yankee Stadium had its first sellout crowd since Opening Day.
Oh, and guess who's leading the major leagues in dingers?
CURTIS GRANDERSON. Yep, Grandy's gone deep 12 times already!
Tonight: Josh Beckett vs CC Sabathia at 7:10 PM.

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