Friday, August 31, 2012


The Kansas City Royals beat the Detroit Tigers 2-1 on Thursday night.
Can you say "Sweep?"
Detroit sits 3 games behind Chicago in the AL Central. They play a 3-game series against the White Sox beginning tonight.
32 games remaining to clinch a post-season spot.
7 games against the White Sox.
7 games against the Royals.
7 more games against A. J. Pierzynski and Hawk Harrelson.
7 more games against Billy Butler and the ghost of Buck O'Neil.
These cats need to pick it up.

The San Francisco Giants are hosting "Bruce Lee Night" at AT&T Park next Tuesday.
They're giving away a bobblehead of the martial arts legend.
Here's the greatest bobblehead commercial you'll ever see...

I know most of you kids are probably sick of her...but the Hot Baseball Wife Hall of Fame still digs Kim Kardashian. Not the fame-whore part. Just the T&A part. Here's Kim's latest Twitter submission...

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