Thursday, August 16, 2012


So, unless you live under a rock, you were inundated with the big news in the baseball world on Wednesday: 1) San Francisco Giants leftfielder Melky Cabrera was suspended for 50 games after failing a drug test.
2) Felix Hernandez threw a perfect game

Cabrera tested positive for testosterone - which opened-up a whole new can
o' worms because, just last month, he won the All-Star Game MVP providing the National League with a World Series homefield advantage.

King Felix threw 113 pitches, 12 Ks, No hits, No walks and No one reaching base.
I was fortunate enough to tune in during the 8th inning and watch Hernandez work his magic.
The dude's curveball was falling off the table. Just nasty!
The Mariners beat the Rays 1-0.

Max Scherzer pitched 7 shutout innings and added 10 Ks in a 5-1 Tigers victory over the Twins.
Miguel Cabrera cranked home run #30. Miggy became the first player in Tigers history to reach 30 home runs in five straight seasons.
* Hank Greenberg would, easily, have held the record but was drafted in 1940 and played only 19 games of the 1941 season after being inducted into the Army in May.
Here are Greenberg's numbers prior to being drafted:
1937 - 40 HR - 183 RBIs
1938 - 58 HR - 146 RBIs
1939 - 33 HR - 112 RBIs
1940 - 41 HR - 150 RBIs
Hammerin' Hank served 45 months, the longest of any major league player, and returned to baseball on July 1st, 1945.

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