Saturday, July 9, 2011


It's Saturday afternoon. I've got four Sportsnet channels and they're all showing the Yankees vs Rays game.
Do you know why? 'Cuz Derek Jeter is 2 hits shy of 3,000 hits.
He just came up for his first at-bat and hit a nice single.
Bottom of the 1st inning and Jeter's sitting at 2,999 hits!
Geez, do ya think the people in attendance at Yankee Stadium are a little pumped now?
What amazes me about Jeter approaching 3,000 hits is this:
Wrap your head around this stuff...The HBWHOF has always believed that there are certain milestones which are automatic tickets to the Baseball Hall of Fame - 500 home runs, 300 wins as a pitcher and the 3,000 hit club.
In the long history of baseball ONLY 27 players have made it to 3,000 hits.
NO Yankee has ever made it to 3,000 hits!! Think about THAT!!!
That's freakin' insane - think about all the great Yankees over the years - Babe Ruth(2873), Lou Gehrig(2721), Joe DiMaggio(2214), Mickey Mantle(2415), Yogi Berra(2150) - not one made it to 3,000?
Think about the greatest hitter who ever lived - Ted Williams(2654)!!!!
Jeter's probably going to get his 3,000th hit today and punch his ticket to the Hall of Fame...and, deservedly, the Big Apple will become a huge Jeter Lovefest. Good for him. I'm a Red Sox/Tigers fan...and I can't stand A-Rod...but I respect Jeter. The guy's a great ballplayer and a class he has an incredibly impressive track record with Hot Chicks...

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