Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Before I split for vacationland, I'll cover the Home Run Derby.
My pick to win was Jose Bautista.
Joey Bats came in 6th out of 8 competitors. He only hit 4 homers.
Out in the 1st round.
This contest was won by a second baseman.
It came down to a Red Sox - Yankees showdown.
Adrian Gonzalez vs Robinson Cano.
These two guys have picture-perfect swings.
The prettiest swing I've seen in my lifetime was the sweetness of Ken Griffey Jr.
He, coincidentally, is the only 3-time Home Run Derby Champion...and this was during the steroid era...He lost Derbys to Mark McGwire, Juan González and Sammy Sosa...so that's another 3 home run contests he should've won!

But I digress...A-Gon and Cano have beautiful swings.
It came down to the wire but Cano beat Gonzalez 12-11 in the final round.
Cano's pitcher-of-choice was his dad, former Houston Astros pitcher Jose Cano...

I liked how they converted the swimmimg pool at Chase Field into the MLB FanCave swimming pool. They were cranking quite a few dingers into, and around, the pool...

Heidi Watney was dipping her feet...

Jennie Finch was signing autographs...

During the Home Run Derby it was filled with bikinis...

Mmmmm...and Kate Upton was there too...

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