Thursday, September 6, 2012


Motown's Dynamic Duo went Deep on Wednesday night to help the Tigers avoid being swept.
Miggy & Prince cranked 'taters to lead the Tigers to a 7-1 win against the Tribe.

Facebook has become tiresome, lame, mundane - just a forum for the narcissistic.
So, I spend as little time there as possible. However, this morning, I actually found some pretty cool stuff courtesy of Detroit's Numero Uno morning radio program - Dave & Chuck "The Freak"

1) This morning, The Huffington Post featured an article entitled: Mobile Stripper Pole: The Ultimate Tailgate. Yep, a California company - Platinum Stages - manufactures a Mobile Stripper Pole which you can attach to any truck or SUV trailer hitch...

2) Sofia Vergara on the set of Modern Family eating a banana. That is all...

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