Sunday, September 2, 2012


Max Scherzer, bitches.
The Ziggy Stardust of the mound tossed 8 innings of shutout baseball, 4 hits,
1 walk and 9 Ks.
Scherzer leads the major leagues with 204 strikeouts. He is the first pitcher to reach 200 this year. According to  Scherzer has now fanned at least 8 hitters in 9 straight starts. The first Tiger to accomplish that feat since Hal Newhouser did it back in 1946.
The handsomely mustacheoed Delmon Young cranked his 16th homer.
The Tigers beat the White Sox 5-1.
They go for the sweep, tonight, with Justin Verlander on the hill.

This weekend's series between the Oakland A's and Boston Red Sox has been dubbed 'Bernie Weekend' at the Oakland Coliseum.
Here's the background: Rapper ISA released the song 'Moving like Bernie' back in 2010. Reliever Jerry Blevins was the first of the Athletics to hear it. Blevins brought it to the attention of Coco Crisp. In the past Crisp had used some dance songs like 'The Dougie' or 'The Cat Daddy' as his walk-up music - so Blevins thought it was perfect for him. Crisp, however, liked his current walk-up song and instead put the Bernie on his iPad and started mixing the song into his clubhouse rap rotation. Inge then made it his walk-up song as an inside joke.
That's when the Bernie started going viral. The fans began doing the 'Bernie' in the right field seats. When Inge went on the DL, Coco Crisp began using 'Bernie Lean' by rappers ATM and IMD as his walk-up song (Yes! Amazingly, there's more than one 'Bernie' song!!)
The song is based on the movie, 'Weekend At Bernie's II' - so, on Saturday night, the Athletics invited Terry Kiser, who played Bernie Lomax in the Weekend at Bernie's movies, to throw out the first pitch.

Actor Terry Kiser (Bernie Lomax) throws out the first pitch...

The A's defeated the Red Sox 7-1 to win their 8th straight game.
Sadly, Brandon Inge re-injured his right shoulder on a throw from third base but managed to stay in the game to hit a 2-run double in the next inning.
Inge will likely have season-ending surgery sometime in the next week.
Brandon was hitting .218 with 12 home runs and 54 RBIs.

"I probably didn't tell them how bad it hurt. Every time I throw the ball, it kills me. But I just wanted to make sure on a year like this I didn't leave anything on the table. I know that I can kind of be at peace with myself knowing that I literally gave everything that I had to offer to this team. I'm at peace with it."

- Brandon Inge

"It's one of those things where you just go, `Wow.' I'll tell you what, Brandon Inge's at-bat, he knows he's coming out of the game. He said, `I could hit.' And to go up there and double knowing that's probably going to be his last at-bat for a while was pretty dramatic, too, if you knew what we knew in our dugout at the time."

- A's skipper Bob Melvin

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