Thursday, September 27, 2012


Unfortunately, I was stuck at work all day. Otherwise, I would've been at The Copa.
I love Thursday day games. Today, I missed the best one this season.
Today's game was the last regular season home game of 2012. It was also AWESOME!
It was awesome because the Tigers won 5-4.
It was awesome because it was the Tigers 50th win at home this season.
It was awesome because Doug Fister set an American League record with 9 consecutive strikeouts.
It was awesome because Prince Fielder got a double on a hit that barely escaped the infield.
It was awesome because the Tigers won in the bottom of the 9th.
It was awesome because it kept the Tigers in 1st place in the AL Central.

This is awesome because English model Laura Kate Ainsworth is holding up a bra belonging to HBWHOF fave Holly Peers...

Impressive, don't you agree?

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