Saturday, May 5, 2012


I follow Jose Canseco on TWITTER.
The guy is whacked.
He has to be bipolar. His Tweets are off the charts!
He has hit on Lady Gaga, claimed to be a vampire, claimed that he died and saw Elvis and Michael Jackson, told Al Gore to Rest in Peace - even though he's still alive, claimed that aliens deleted his Twitter account, asked his ex-girlfriend to marry him, ripped-on his ex-girlfriend after she said no, garnered the attention of swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen - who constantly made fun of him, told followers when he had to poop...and NOW he's trying to get his followers to fill his name in on Major League Baseball All-Star ballots so he can play in the
All-Star Game.

Oh, yes, Jose's Twitter account is filled with pearls of wisdom.
After a couple of decades of steroid abuse Canseco's body can’t produce testosterone on its own, so he has to use prescription testosterone. The guy's mood swings are constant.
Anyway, the reason I'm blogging about Jose is because one of his lids just sold at auction for a pretty penny.
Every baseball fan has seen the clip. Jose Canseco is in the outfield for the Texas Rangers when Carlos Martinez hits a fly ball toward the wall at Cleveland Stadium. Jose misplays the ball and it bounces off his enlarged melon for a home run.

Heritage Auctions sold the Canseco cap for $11,950...

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