Saturday, May 12, 2012


Brandon Inge hit a homer and 3 RBIs to help the Oakland A's beat the Detroit Tigers 11-4.
Inge became the first player with four games with four or more RBIs in a five-game stretch since Lou Gehrig in 1931, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.
So, if you're keeping score at home, Brandon Inge's hitting is linking him to records set almost 80 years ago by Hall of Famers Jimmy Foxx and Lou Gehrig.
As I write this, Jimmy Fallon is writing the following thank you note on behalf of A's GM Billy Beane:
"Thank you, Detroit Tigers, for paying Brandon Inge $4,896,743 to hit grand slams against you."

That's right, folks, the Oakland A's are paying Inge only a prorated portion of the $480,000 minimum - or about $412,000 - of the $5,308,743 he was owed when released by the Tigers.
You just know they're going to be adding a Brandon Inge bobblehead to the giveaways soon.
I know this because the Athletics give away cool shit.
On Father's Day - Sunday, June 17th - the first 10,000 fans through the turnstiles receive a Coco Crisp Chia Pet. How freakin' sweet is that???

...And, while I'm showing the A's some love, let's talk about Chili Dawg.
The other day I told you about the Athletics' batting coach - Chili Davis.
Did you know that there's a sex act named after that switch hittin' son-of-a-gun?
Well, there is...a Chili Davis is the act of inserting an ice cube in one's anus while receiving fellatio.

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