Monday, October 17, 2011


Golly gee, what a crappy weekend!
First the Tigers got eliminated by the Rangers.
Then, on Sunday, the Lions lost their 1st game of the season.
The 49ers beat the Lions 25-19 and the postgame coaches-handshake turned into a minor skirmish.
San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh was a bit too pumped for Jim Schwartz' liking when they exchanged pleasantries after the 49ers win. Schwartz chased Harbaugh back toward the tunnel and players on both teams got involved in some shoving.
Supposedly, Schwartz was upset about some expletives that accompanied the Harbaugh handshake and slap-on-the-back.

Then, to wrap-up a brutal weekend, the freakin' Cardinals are going to the World Series!
St. Louis beat Milwaukee 12-6 to eliminate the Brewers.
I hate the Cards and everything they stand for...

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