Sunday, October 16, 2011


Imagine getting beat-up by your "little brother" over-and-over...
MSU beat Michigan 28-14.
That's 4 years straight, man!
Can you say "Quadruple Paul Bunyan?"

The Detroit Tigers 2011 season has come to an end.
The Texas Rangers clobbered the Tigers 15-5 to win the American League pennant.
There's no need for me to go into the miserable details...I'm sure no one wants to re-live the nightmare. Suffice it to say that the Tigers had an excellent season and the Rangers deserve to be in the World Series...and, hopefully, win it.
I can't stand the St. Louis Cardinals...and Texas has NEVER won a World Series. They were on the losing-end last year when the Giants captured their first WS in 56 years.
It's Texas' turn to win the whole enchilada! They've been stymied for A LONG TIME - they began as the Washington Senators, became the Minnesota Twins in 1961 and, finally, the Texas Rangers in 1971!
Nelson Cruz was the ALCS MVP after cranking 6 homers and 13 RBIs over the 6 games!
Miguel Cabrera went YARD twice!
Great season Tigers...Good luck Rangers.

Gratuitous Rangers chicks pics...

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