Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Big happenings on Tuesday - on the senior circuit:
Phillies beat the Cards 3-2. Philadelphia leads the series 2-1.
D-Backs beat the Brewers 8-1. Milwaukee leads the series 2-1.

In the American League:
The Rangers beat the Rays 4-3. Texas wins the series 3-1.
All the Rangers' runs came from the long ball...Ian Kinsler hit a solo homer and Adrian Beltre went

The game in Motown was an entirely different story.
Let me begin by saying this - on Monday night, for the 1st game, the atmosphere was electric! You could feel the vibe. There was excitement in the air.
Last night, for game 2, I didn't sense that at all...and this is not in hindsight.
Even before the game people weren't whipped into a frenzy of anticipation.
The decibel level was way down compared to game 1. It was weird!

For Game 1 we began our night at Nemo's. For Game 2, I was the guest of a couple of Yankees' fans(my brother & nephew) and, thus, began our evening in a much more regal setting - the Da Edoardo Foxtown Grille. We sat at the corner table - corner of Columbia & Woodward - facing the entrance to The Copa...

Chris Chelios was having dinner with Kid Rock a few tables away!

They brought-in Todd Jones to throw out the ceremonial 1st pitch...

Jonesy was rockin' a Jose Valverde jersey for the occasion...

Beautiful night. 61 degrees in Detroit in October!!

They gave-out the towels again...

Everytime Jeter came up I had to hear this, "I wonder what The King's gonna do now."
(Jeter ended-up going 1-for-4 with a double and 2 RBIs)

Lions' QB Matthew Stafford was at the game...

V-Mart scored the Tigers lone run when he homered...

Granderson reminded Tigers' fans why they should've NEVER let him go...

Grandy hit a nice RBI double...

He also made two incredible defensive plays. In the 1st inning, with the bases loaded, Granderson robbed Don Kelly when he made a leaping grab on a line drive.
In the 6th, Grandy made a highlight-reel grab when he dove to snag a Jhonny Peralta fly ball to left-center field...

Upon his return to earth, Granderson hit hard enough to knock the wind out of himself. His teammates gave him a standing ovation from the dugout and pitcher A.J. Burnett stayed on the field to give him a hug!

The Yankees CRUSHED the Tigers 10-1.
Game 5 Thursday: Doug Fister vs Ivan Nova at 8:37 PM.

Remember, kids, the HBWHOF's prediction was Tigers win in 5 games. The heroes: Doug Fister, Victor Martinez & Delmon Young.
V-Mart already has a homer and 2 RBIs. Delmon Young has 2 homers and 2 RBIs. Doug Fister's the only one left that has to shine...and he's starting Game 5.

Go Tigers!!!

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