Sunday, October 7, 2012


The HBWHOF enjoyed Day #1 of the Canadian Thanksgiving Feast on Saturday in Plymouth, Michigan. Lots ot turkey, ham, mashed 'taters, dressing, pumpkin pie and...mmm turtles cheesecake!
The desserts were devoured while watching Justin Verlander do his business.
Needless to say, I enjoyed Day #1.
JV didn't start-off too hot. Right away he got rocked by Coco Crisp who went deep.
After that he settled down and Coco's dinger ended up being Oakland's lone run.
Detroit beat Oakland 3-1.
Verlander pitched 7 innings, threw 121 pitches, allowed 3 hits, 1 run, 4 walks and notched 11 Ks!
Remarkably, Joaquin Benoit and Jose Valverde finished the game without allowing a run!!
Alex Avila homered to cap-off the win.
A's reliever Pat Neshek , who rejoined the club after losing his newborn son, entered the game in the 7th with 2 on and 1 out but got out of the inning without any scoring.

"It was really tough warming up, and I thought about him the entire time. I said yesterday that baseball would be a way to clear my mind, but that didn't happen. He was always there. I know it is a cliche, but I really felt like I had someone watching me and helping with that last pitch. That was my best slider of the year."

- Pat Neshek

Oakland wore patches with the initials GJN. Neshek's son's name was Gehrig John Neshek.

Pat Neshek struck-out his last batter, touched the patch honouring his son and looked toward heaven.
At the same time his wife, Stephanee, sent out this heartbreaking message via Twitter:

Stephanee Neshek

This was going to be Gehrig's 1st outfit. I know he will be watching Pat and he is so proud of his daddy:)

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