Saturday, June 16, 2012


Jose Valverde, there are no words to describe your pathetic performance last night.
One out in the 10th inning. The Big Potato fields a sacrifice bunt. He can throw to second base and, easily, eliminate the lead runner - Michael Cuddyer. Instead, Papa Grande decides to toss a sky-hook to first that put Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to shame. The throw was so bad that it was impossible for Prince Fielder to keep a foot on the bag and catch the ball. A real rainbow. The Gateway Arch in St. Louis was the baby brother of the throw Valverde tossed to Fielder.
Before the Valverde aberration the score was tied 4-4.
After the blunder - Colorado scored 8 runs - 6 against the Big Potato - ending with back-to-back jacks by Carlos Gonzalez and Michael Cuddyer off Tigers' reliever Luis Marte.
Hey Detroit, Taste the Rainbow...

"Get the fuck outta here, Big Potato!"

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