Saturday, September 10, 2011


I try to stay positive.
I'm a glass-half-full kinda guy.
But, please, please tell me that Jim Leyland's gonna shorten the rotation for the playoffs.
Sorry, but Brad Penny is, by far, the weakest link.
Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, Rick Porcello and Doug Fister are world-beaters...Penny doesn't belong with this bunch.
Brad Penny's record is 10-10 and he got the win last night - but that's because his teammates are crankin' the ball all over the yard.
Penny's last start was the game that the Tigers cameback from an 8-1 deficit to win 9-8!
Penny started Friday night's game by allowing 4 runs in the 1st inning...and then the Tigers' offence kicked-in and saved his ass again!!
Detroit got homers from Delmon Young, Alex Avila and Ramon Santiago.
The Tigers beat the Twins 8-4.
What's wrong with this picture?
A starter with a 5.19 ERA yipping at a guy who's hitting .326 with 10 homers and 89 RBIs...

To take our minds off this lugnut - here's more Jessica-Jane Clement...

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