Monday, July 14, 2014


Hi Kids!
Guess what?
It's Induction Time!
Today, the Hot Baseball Wife Hall of Fame inducts our 26th honoured member into the hallowed hall.
I am proud to announce the enshrinement of Lisalla Montenegro.
Lisalla is married to Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson.
In all the time that I've been the CEO of the HBWHOF I can honestly say that my two favourite Hot Baseball Wives are Kimmie DeJesus and, now, Lisalla.
Here's a brief bio: Lisalla Montenegro is Brazilian. She's a world-class beauty. She has modelled for the world's most prestigious designers. Strutted her stuff on catwalks around the world. Been featured in countless magazines. She's uber-intelligent. She and her husband probably love life more than any couple I've seen. And...another thing that endears her to the HBWHOF - she is the proud mommy to a handsome rescue dog named Oso Wilson.
Welcome to the Hot Baseball Wife Hall of Fame, Lisalla.

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