Sunday, May 5, 2013


The Detroit Tigers WHOMPED the Houston Astros 17-2 on Saturday night.
Miguel Cabrera hit 2 home runs and tied a career high with 6 RBIs.
Max Scherzer won his fourth straight. Maxwell went 8 innings, allowed 3 hits,
1 run, 2 walks and fired 8 Ks.

Friday night was 'Metallica Night' at AT&T Park. Lead singer James Hetfield and axeman Kirk Hammett performed the national anthem...

Followers of the Hot Baseball Wife Hall of Fame know that I've got a thing for the overabundance of hotties from across the pond. Well, they just keep on comin' - this is Anna Kelle from 'The Valleys'. 'The Valleys' is a British reality television series broadcast on MTV. It follows nine kids from 'the valleys' as they move to the capital city of Cardiff in Wales to live out their dreams.

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