Monday, February 25, 2013


I have a lot of sweet baseball memoribilia. Autographs from my favourite players - Ted Williams, Dom DiMaggio, Johnny Pesky, Bobby Doerr, Willie Horton, Bill Freehan and Bob Feller.
I've got a uniform swatch and bat splinter from Ty Cobb. I've got ancient baseball books that have been out-of-print for decades.
I've seen a no-hitter live - Jon Lester's No-No - from the Green Monster seats at Fenway.
There's ONE thing missing.
I LOVE Sandy Koufax.
To me, Koufax is baseball's version of J.D. Salinger - if Salinger could throw heat seeking missiles and a curveball that would drop off the face of the earth.
Koufax is 77 years old. He is back with the LA Dodgers.
He's at Spring Training in Glendale, Arizona as a special adviser to owner Mark Walter.
Three Cy Young Awards. Four World Series titles. Four no-hitters. An NL MVP award and two World Series MVP honors in just 12 seasons in Brooklyn and Los Angeles.
This guy defines the term LEGEND.
On rare occasions, God creates a human with super-human skills - but puts an 'achilles heel' into the mix. Bobby Orr and his bad knees. Sandy Koufax and his arthritic left elbow.
I LOVE Sandy Koufax. Please, please...somebody hook me up!

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