Saturday, March 24, 2012


The HBWHOF digs the dog!
So, I'm lovin' this - just days away from Opening Day, the Texas Rangers have announced that their newest ballpark entrée is the MOTHER OF ALL WIENERS!
This bad boy measures 2-feet and weighs 1's served-up on a custom-made bun and topped with shredded cheese, chili and sauteed onions...

The price tag on this tube-steak is $26!!!
The MonsterDog goes by two names: If you dine in the Captain Morgan Club you're chowing on a "Champion Dog." If you're one of the great unwashed and you buy this baby from a concession stand it's called the "Boomstick."

My first destination inside the ballpark is the beer & hotdog stand.
From the Leo's Coney dogs at Comerica to the loaded Chicago-style dogs at Wrigley Field to the Fenway Frank in Boston to Nathan's Famous at Yankee Stadium - I love me some hot doggies!
So, here's a little HBWHOF salute to the wiener...

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