Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Geez, Louise, WTF is happening to my Red Sox?
First, Heidi Watney takes off for Cali and the LA Lakers.
Then, Tim Wakefield retires his knuckleball.
Then, Bobby Valentine bans alcohol in the clubhouse!
Now, Jason Varitek has decided to retire!!
V-Tek is expected to hold a press conference on Thursday at Boston's spring training camp in Fort Myers, Florida.
Varitek spent his entire 15-year career with Boston.
He caught 4 no-hitters, made 3 All-Star teams won 2 World Series titles.
He caught no-hitters from Hideo Nomo(2001), Derek Lowe(2002), Clay Buchholz(2007) and Jon Lester(2008).
He broke Carlton Fisk's record for most games caught in a Red Sox uniform and finished with 1,488 games behind the plate. He hangs up the mask with a career average of .256, 193 home runs and 757 RBIs.
Since 1923, the list of Red Sox captains reads like this: Jimmie Fox, Carl Yastrzemski, Jim Rice and Jason Varitek. Pretty illustrious company!

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