Sunday, May 19, 2013


Tonight, the Detroit Tigers are going to attempt to salvage a tie in their 4-game series against the Texas Rangers.
Here's what has transpired thus far: Thursday: Rangers won 10 - 4, Friday: Tigers won 2 - 1, Saturday: Rangers won 7 - 2. As you can see - Texas continues their mastery over Detroit.
Thursday's domination set the precedent. The game was supposed to be a battle between two of baseball's best hurlers Justin Verlander vs Yu Darvish.
It was no battle.
Verlander lasted 2 2/3 innings, walked 2, struck out 3, gave up 6 hits and allowed 8 runs.
Darvish went 8 innings, walked 1, struck out 6, gave up 7 hits and 4 runs.

More importantly, Yu Darvish completely ignores pitch counts. the cat threw 130 pitches against Detroit!
Darvish is 7-1. He has started 9 games this season. In 8 of those starts he has thrown 100 pitches or more.
One of my favourite baseball scribes, Cliff Corcoran, makes the case that, because of Verlander's drop in velocity and control, the Dodgers Clayton Kershaw is already surpassing him as the best pitcher in baseball.
I like Verlander. But I think Max Scherzer has been the BEST pitcher on the Tigers both last season and, so far, this season.
Justin Verlander (2012): 17 - 8, 239 Ks, ERA 2.64, WHIP 1.06
Max Scherzer (2012): 16 - 7, 231 Ks, ERA 3.74, WHIP 1.27
Justin Verlander (2013): 4 - 4, 60 Ks, ERA 3.17, WHIP 1.30
Max Scherzer (2013): 5 -0, 68 Ks, ERA 3.98, WHIP 0.99

Here's another of the Hot Baseball Hall of Fame's beloved British ladies - Emma Glover...

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